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Mission: Our mission is to help NGOs focus on participation on United Nations policies and resolutions, be involved with the work of United Nations Agencies and the International civil societies.

Our Work: We conduct presentations, seminars and consultancy and technical services for Non-Government Organizations (NGO). We also provide legal referral services, Information services and capacity building.   We strengthen NGO capacities by keeping and advising on proper documentation, Certification, monitoring and evaluation of project planning and implementation as well as build organization development skills. We provide advocacy services on UN resolutions and policies. We conduct conferences, NGO briefing and training on UN documents and the global work of the United Nations

Our Objectives: To provide consultancy, technical and professional support and guidance, verbal and written to organizations, groups and associations like registration & certification, documentation, monitoring & evaluation, designing, web & IT solutions, information dissemination, training, research and development, study & analysis, advertisement and publicity, publication, fund raising , legal consultancy, administrative management, program , project and policy development, planning and execution related consultancy. Our main objective is centered on the global work of United Nations, International organization, agenciesand United Nations NGO Working Groups.

Our Clients:

  • My Sisters’ Health Initiative
  • Tabernacle Worship and Prayer Ministry Inc.
  • UNESCO Club for Global Education
  • African Literacy Project
  • Youth Organizational Development, Nigeria
  • African Women for Good Governance
  • Children’s Farmers Club

Our Partners:

African Women Working group at the United Nations

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit

African New Hope Association

Irene Menakaya School Onitsha


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Fax: +3473654691

Skype: Feacoba one million

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